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Topic Outstanding people (Топик Выдающиеся личности)

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Topic Outstanding people (Топик Выдающиеся личности)

Topic “Outstanding people” (Топик на английском языке «Выдающиеся личности»)

Once in our life we start to consider what actually to be an outstanding person means.
In my opinion to be an outstanding person means to possess personality, not to be like anyone else and it is someone who is not trying to emphasize it. An outstanding person is the one who wants to do something good in his or her life and who likes to help other people and leaves some kind of trace in the life of others, I believe, an outstanding person is not a person who is famous all over the world. A great number of remarkable people surround us and we may not even know about it. So, my slogan for it is — go up and find out people, try to communicate with others and you’ll understand that there are a lot of people who are smart, who are compassionate and who are fun to be with. I know it from my own experience and only communication will help you find friends for yourselves and people who’ll help you to understand that you are one of the kind and you are a personality, you mean a lot to other people and it’s important to know your values, to be confident. If you want to be a success, you have to know who you are and only if you know who you are, if you can define yourself, in some way you may be called an outstanding person.
All famous people we can speak about are outstanding, because to make yourselves known and be spoken about you have to be different in some way and not only people born to famous families, rich families can be called outstanding.
Vice versa, people who have to find their own way in life, people who have to do everything by themselves, they have a chance to become famous, strong, confident. Americans are very proud of their in «some way national hero» Bill Gates and they consider him an outstanding person. Why? Because he was able to create and to create something from nothing. He is not like everyone else, he is one of a kind and that makes him an outstanding person. A young man who used to work in his garage became famous all over the world and when you exchange a word with him you’ll never get a message, that he is better than you are. This is an example of becoming an outstanding person, a respectable and strong person.
We have to live our lives to be respected, we shouldn’t do harm to anyone, we have to help people, that will make an outstanding person from each of us. Our country has raised a lot of people who can be called outstanding, who were famous all over the world. If to speak about people who were famous outside our borders, there were famous scientists, geologists, people who did a lot for other countries. They fought for the independence of the USA, set up a university in Chili, worked as biologists in France, set up a research university in Germany. We can speak about literary works by Kupala, Korotkevich, Orlow, they are my favorites, particularly Korotkevich and Orlow who did a lot for our culture. They were involved in renovation of Byelorussian culture and they were not afraid to start everything from the beginning and to tell us about our roots, our identity.
It’s difficult to speak about Kupala, Scorina, Tadeush Kostyushko. Little message about their biography is not enough to understand what kind of people they were. For me it’s easier to talk about my friends, someone I know and it’s my grandfather. What I know, the person I’m becoming is all thanks to him. He was the person who helped everyone and never asked anything in return, he taught me to love books, never to stop and to go on. That was the main idea he taught me and he gave me the message: you have to do everything in life just to respect yourself and no one will give you more in the world to be desired. These few rules my grandpa passed on to me and I’m a lucky person because I had this kind of man in my life and thanks to him I’m accepting the world as it is.
There is place for heroic deeds, each of us is able to do it, to respect others and to be respected.

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