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A Chinese dragon

Английский с EnglishDom
Английский с EnglishDom
A Chinese dragon

A Chinese dragon

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Once upon a time there lived a dragon in China. He lived alone on a very high rock. Under the rock there was a village. The dragon thought that he was frightening and he never went to the village, because he didn’t want to scare people.
One day the dragon was very tired and he wanted to have a rest. He went to bed but he couldn’t sleep. The people in the village were shouting, laughing and having fun. The dragon tried very hard, but he still couldn’t sleep. The dragon really wanted to sleep, but he couldn’t. It seemed that the people were laughing and shouting even louder. The dragon got very angry with them and he said to himself, “OK, I’ll show you! I’ll go to the village and scare you, because I’m very, very frightening! Then you won’t laugh!»

However, the dragon didn’t know that it was a special day in the Chinese Calendar. It was the day when a new Chinese year starts. On that day all people traditionally make colorful paper dragons and choose the best one. They also sing, dance and have fireworks.

When the dragon flew down into the village he was surprised, because nobody was scared! He saw that the whole village was full of dragons — yellow, pink, purple, red, blue and orange dragons, big dragons and little dragons, dragons with long tails and dragons with short tails, dragons with large wings and dragons with tiny wings. “Oh,” said the dragon to himself, “I can have dragons-friends!” And he happily joined the fun.

All paper dragons flew in the air and the dragon flew with them, all paper dragons waved their tails and the dragon waved its tail, all paper dragons opened their mouths, and the dragon opened its mouth. The children were watching the dragons and laughing.

The night came and people started to light the torches and make fireworks. At first the dragon was a little scared, but he saw that other dragons were not scared and continued dancing with others.
Then the most important moment came. People started to choose the best dragon. Everybody wanted to know who would get the first prize — the golden medal “The Best Dragon». At first the dragon didn’t even understand why people started applauding and stood in a circle around him. Then some person came to the dragon and gave him the golden medal.

That was the happiest moment of the dragon’s long life.


A chinese tale


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